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Online every month we have 6,200 users who are UHNW clients, charities and industry peers who visit the Leaders List to understand the professionals within it. We have 400+ industry case studies and 1,200 testimonials which have been independently verified by our editorial team. Since May the feedback from UHNW clients using the site say that high scores on "communication skills" is a top requirement. 

Why upgrade your profile/s? Upgraded profiles get a higher ranking on our site. We also believe the cluster effect of the content on our site will mean UHNW clients, charities and peers who spend up to six hours a day on their phones now, will be driven to the Leaders List through Google searches making it far more powerful than individual websites. The ability to contact professionals through the site is also an essential requirement from clients and peer feedback. One investment manager in the sector has just received a billionaire client directly through their website making this an important vehicle to grow your client base. 

In our annual print version we have 2000+ pre selected industry peers dealing with £25million - billionaire UHNW clients who receive it.

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